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Midnight Sun
German title: Midnight Sun – Eisbär auf Reisen
Francaise title: La traversée de la banquise
Spain title: Midnight sun: una aventura polar
Russian title: Полуночное солнце
Original title: Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Среднощно слънце | The Journey Home
Adventure movie – Canada, Italy
Production year: 2014
Movie length: 98 minutes
Director: Roger Spottiswoode, Brando Quilici
Writer: Bart Gavigan, Cinzia Genuardi, Hugh Hudson, Brando Quilici
Cinematograph: Peter Wunstorf
Music: Lawrence Shragge
Movie description:
»Midnight Sun« is both a family film as well as an action/adventure film, taking place in the ice fields of Northern Canada. When Luke discovers that a young polar bear cub has been separated from his mother, he sets out to find a way to reunite the two. Goran Visnjic joins the cast as Muktuk, a half Inuit and half Canadian, who knows the terrain where the polar bears live and who agrees to help the boy. When a floating iceberg divides the party, it is up to Luke to protect himself and the cub from both the dangers of the wild, and the elements to complete his mission.
Boy actors
Dakota Goyo
Birthday: 22.08.1999

Age of the actor: approximately 14 years old
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