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German title: Pleasantville – Zu schön, um wahr zu sein
Francaise title: Bienvenue à Pleasantville
Spain title: Pleasantville: Amor a colores
Russian title: Плезантвиль
Original title: Pleasantville
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Family drama – USA
Production year: 1997
Movie length: 120 minutes
(1 abgegebene Stimmen)
Director: Gary Ross
Writer: Gary Ross
Cinematograph: John Lindley
Music: Randy Newman
Movie description:
David, nerdy high school student, flees reality by watching Pleasantville – a 1950’s b&w sit-com, where everything is just that ... pleasant. His sister Jennifer, sexually far more active than her brother, gets in a fight with him about a very strange remote control. The remote was given to them just seconds after the TV broke, by an equally strange repair man. They suddenly find themselves in Pleasantville, as Bud and Mary-Sue Parker, completely assimilated and therefore black and white, in clothes a little different and with new parents ... pleasant ones. David wants to get out of the situation as well as his sister, but whereas he tries to blend in (effortlessly, with his knowledge), she does whatever she wants to do. One event leads to the other, and suddenly there is a red rose growing in Pleasantville. The more rules are broken, the more colorful life gets in Pleasantville, USA.
Boy actors
Jason Maves
Birthday: 08.05.1984

Age of the actor: approximately 13 years old
Adam Carter
(Boy in Soda Shop)
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