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Six-String Samurai
Russian title: Шестиструнный самурай
Original title: Six-String Samurai
Six-String Samurai
Alternative Titelvarianten:
The Blade
Action comedy – USA
Production year: 1997
Movie length: 91 minutes
Director: Lance Mungia
Writer: Lance Mungia, Jeffrey Falcon
Cinematograph: Kristian Bernier
Music: The Red Elvises, Brian Tyler
Movie description:
Original-DVD A mysterious and powerful hero of the classic kind, Buddy is as skilled with his guitar as he is with his samurai sword. Thrown together with a kid whom he saves in a spectacular battle, the two of them must now escape their enemies and reach Lost Vegas, the rock ’n’ roll capital of this future world.
Boy actors
Justin McGuire
(The Kid)
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