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(Гикор | Գիքոր)
German title: Gikor und die große Stadt
Russian title: Гикор
Original title: Гикор | Գիքոր
Drama – USSR (Armenian SSR)
Production year: 1981
Movie length: 84 minutes
Director: Sergey Israelyan (Сергей Исраелян),
Writer: Henrik Malyan (Генрих Малян), Hovhannes Tumanyan (Hоvъннес Туманян),
Cinematograph: Stepan Martirosyan (Степан Мартиросян), Martyn Shakhbazyan (Мартын Шахбазян),
Music: Tigran Mansuryan (Тигран Мансурян),
Movie description:
A village boy, Gikor by name, meets his tragic fate when he is sent to the city (Tiflis) by his father, Hambo, to work for a rich trader, Bazaz Artem.
»Gikor« is an Armenian drama film based on Hovhannes Tumanyan’s poem of the same name.

In the early years of the 20th century a poor young boy called Gikor is taken by his father from his village home in the mountains of Armenia to the big bustling city. There he is placed in service with a family of linen drapers who starve and beat him, generally using him as a drudge. Only the »babushka« (the grandmother of the household) treats him kindly. Every night Gikor dreams of his friends and family back in the Caucasus Mountains.
The film gives an insight into Armenian customs and costume, and includes traditional folk music.
Boy actors
Albert Gulinyan
(Gikor, 10 years old)
Tigran Voskanyan
Mikhail Ovsepyan
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