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My queen Karo
Russian title: Моя королева Каро
Original title: My queen Karo
My queen Karo
Youth movie – Netherlands, Belgium, France
Production year: 2008
Movie length: 101 minutes
(2 abgegebene Stimmen)
Director: Dorothée van den Berghe
Writer: Dorothée van den Berghe
Cinematograph: Jan Vancaillie
Music: Peter Vermeersch
Movie description:
«My Queen Karo» is set during the 1970s when a Belgian family moves to Amsterdam to start a new life. Ten-year-old Karo and her parents, Raven and Dalia, join a group building a new society based on the notions of free love – no walls, no rules, only love. As an only child, Karo leads a carefree existence in this utopia-for-adults. But internal conflicts in the commune start to divide the group. Karo is torn between the love for her mother and loyalty towards her father and his ideals. She slowly realizes that nothing can stay the same forever.

Karo, 10 years old, grows up with her parents in a hippie commune during the seventies. Only child, she lives a reckless life in this utopian adult world. The rule in the commune is that every-body shares everything in the squat, but soon we find out that everyone is not able to respect those ideals, which brings Karo in the middle of the conflicts that begin to split the group. Karo acknowledges that nothing lasts forever.
Boy actors
Samuel du Chatinier
(Daniel, 11 years old)
Year of birth: 1997

Age of the actor: approximately 11 years old
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