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(Lady of Csejte)
German title: Die dunkle Gräfin
Russian title: Кровавая леди Батори
Original title: Lady of Csejte
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Blood Countess | Báthory
Thriller – USA, Russia
Production year: 2014
Movie length: 106 minutes
Director: Andrei Konst
Writer: Matthew Jacobs
Cinematograph: Maxime Alexandre
Music: Nathaniel Levisay
Movie description:
Based on a story of Countess Bathory, a serial killer in 17th century Transylvania who supposedly killed hundreds of kids.

The 17th century in Cheek (Chahtice), Slovakia. In the huge estate, surrounded by forests and mountains, the beautiful Countess Elizabeth Bathory lives. She is smart and beautiful, elegant and courteous. And no one knows that terrible things are being created in the castle of the famous beauty ...

Two tramps – brother Mischa and sister Aletta – the artists of the street circus, they earn their living by showing tricks, and not disdaining petty theft. One day, another attempt to steal a purse ends in tears – the prison is waiting for the children as well as court and penal servitude... But suddenly during the trial Countess Bathory tells a word in favor of the young thieves, asking the court to replace the punishment by sending the kids to her orphanage in the castle. And it seems that the life of the brother and sister is finally getting better: the children are washed, fed and clothed. They are taught to read and write, in turn as the payment, they help with the housework. But alas – the kids soon realize that they are in hell, after a careless question addressed to the Countess about the fate of their missing older sister.
Boy actors
Lucas Bond
David Petcu
(orphaned Boy)
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