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The Collector
(Le collectionneur)
Spain title: El coleccionista
Russian title: Расчлененка
Original title: Le collectionneur
The Collector
Alternative Titelvarianten:
The Collector – Der Sammler | Коллекционер | El coleccionista – Asesino serial
Thriller – Canada
Production year: 2001
Movie length: 125 minutes
Director: Jean Beaudin
Writer: Jean Beaudin, Chantal Cadieux, Chrystine Brouillet
Cinematograph: Daniel Jobin
Music: Michel Cusson
Movie description:
»The Collector« (French: Le collectionneur) is a Canadian thriller film, released in 2002. Written and directed by Jean Beaudin based on the crime novel of the same name by Chrystine Brouil-let, the film stars Maude Guérin as Maude Graham, a police detective trying to track down a serial killer while simultaneously sheltering two homeless teenagers, a 16 year old hustler and a 12 year old runaway.

The detective Maud Graham hides her sensibility behind the image of a strong and independent woman. She frequently offers her hospitality to a 16-year-old prostitute, Grégoire, a young man who became her friend. But when the teenager decides to invite 12-year-old Frédéric who is running away from home, Maud is near illegality. In addition, the detective has to deal with a serial killer who had already killed and mutilated many women. When she understands that the killer is very intelligent and organized, she elaborates a strategy to arrest him. There starts a dangerous game where the two teenagers that Graham is protecting will be implied. The killer is getting closer, revealing more and more of his madness...
Boy actors
Lawrence Arcouette
(Grégoire, 16 years old)
Birthday: 18.12.1983

Age of the actor: approximately 17 years old
Charles-André Bourassa
(Frédéric Tanguay, 12 years old)
Birthday: 03.03.1985

Age of the actor: approximately 16 years old
Michel Deschênes
(Michel Rochon, 12 years old)
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