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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Well-Schooled in Murder
German title: Inspector Lynley: Auf Ehre und Gewissen
Russian title: Инспектор Линли расследует – Школа убийств
Original title: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Well-Schooled in Murder
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – Well-Schooled in Murder
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Inspector Lynley – Auf Ehre und Gewissen | The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Well-Schooled in Murder
Crime series – United Kingdom
Production year: 2001
Movie length: 88 minutes
Director: Robert Young
Writer: Simon Block, Elizabeth George
Cinematograph: David Higgs
Music: Robert Lockhart
Movie description:
Inspector Lynley is asked by his old school friend to investigate when one of his pupils is killed. The school in question is Bredgar Hall, a haven for the rich and the privileged with annual fees of £20,000 a year. The dead boy however, 13 year-old Matthew Whateley didn’t come from a rich family. From all accounts, he was well liked and fit into the school and its unique culture quite well. DS Havers is appalled with the whole concept of parents shipping their children off to a boarding school just when they need parenting the most. Faced with school administrators who seem more concerned with the school’s reputation than the boy’s death, Lynley and Havers must determine if the threat is from students, staff or someone not at all connected with the school.

Detective Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers are drawn into the closed world of prestigious public school Bredgar Hall when a promising young pupil, Matthew Whateley, goes missing. Lynley brings Havers along, knowing that her frank, no-nonsense attitude will cut straight through the school’s elaborate facades and archaic traditions. She seeks out Matthew’s friend, Harry Morant, but is frustrated to find that that the school code prevents him from opening up to her – even when Matthew’s dead body is discovered in a nearby churchyard. Lynley and Havers’ investigation penetrates the heart of this exclusive institution and they uncover a Mafia-like society run by the school’s élite sixth-formers. It is an underworld of drug taking and dealing, bullying and blackmail, a twisted reaction to the relentless pressure placed on the boys to fulfil the expectations of family and society. When Harry Morant disappears, the race is on to find Matthew’s killer before he too is harmed.
Boy actors
Curtis Woodruff
(Matthew Whately, 13 years old)
Joe Sowerbutts
(Harry Morant)
Year of birth: 1988

Age of the actor: approximately 13 years old
More informations
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TV.com (english)TheTVDB.com (english, français, deutsch)
Kommentare zum Film
Franz-JosefDer Film ist eine Enttäuschung, zumindest wenn man den gleichnamigen Roman von Elizabeth George gelesen hat. Ich erinnere mich noch gut, daß ich das 1990 erschienene Buch in 24 Stunden ohne größere Pausen förmlich »verschlungen« habe ...
Man muß den Filmemachern wohl zugutehalten, das viele Szenen aus dem Buch (beispielsweise die seitenlange detaillierte Beschreibung dessen, wie es dem entführten Jungen ergeht) nicht verfilmbar sind – es sei denn in einem Bondage-Streifen ...
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das Buch heute überhaupt unzensiert verlegt würde, in den letzten Jahrzehnten ist viel passiert ...
This film was registered by Franz-Josef into the movie list!
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