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Everyday Heroes
(Et les mistrals gagnants)
German title: Kleine Helden
Spain title: Ganar al viento
Original title: Et les mistrals gagnants
Everyday Heroes
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Kleine Helden – Nichts kann unsere Freude stoppen
Documentary – France
Production year: 2016
Movie length: 79 minutes
Director: Anne-Dauphine Julliand
Cinematograph: Laurent Brunet, Katell Djian, Matthieu Fabbri, Alexis Kavyrchine, Isabelle Razavet
Music: Robin Coudert
Movie description:
Amber, Camille, Charles, Imad and Tugdual are between six and nine years old. They live in the moment. With humor and above all the optimistic energy of childhood, they take us by the hand, train us in their world and share with us their games, their joys, their laughs, their dreams, their illness. With a lot of serenity and love these five little bits of Man show us the path of happiness. A child-sized film about life simply.
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