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Naked Among Wolves
(Nackt unter Wölfen)
Francaise title: Nu parmi les loups
Greek title: Γυμνό ανάμεσα στους λύκους
Russian title: Голый среди волков
Original title: Nackt unter Wölfen
Naked Among Wolves
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Gymno anamesa stous lykous | Γυμνο αναμεσα στους λυκους | Naked Among the Wolves
War drama – GDR
Production year: 1962
Movie length: 135 minutes
(10 abgegebene Stimmen)
Director: Frank Beyer
Writer: Bruno Apitz, Frank Beyer
Cinematograph: Günter Marczinkowsky
Music: Joachim Werzlau
Movie description:
As rumors reach them that the Allied armies are advancing on their concentration camp at Buchenwald, Polish prosoners renew their feeble hope for survival and freedom. When a group of prisoners is transferred from Auschwitz, a four-year-old child is smuggled into the camp in a valise. Born at Auschwitz, he is Jewish and will be killed if discovred. A group of prisoners decide to protect the child, from the searching Germans, and although the kapos cannot smuggle the boy out of Buchenwald, they manage to hide him – moving from one place to another within the camp as the Nazis comb it. Threats and torture by SS men fail to turn up the boy who becomes a symbol of the struggle between captives and captors.
Boy actors
Jürgen Strauch
(the child)
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