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The private war of Major Benson
German title: Der Privatkrieg des Major Benson
Spain title: La guerra privada del Mayor Benson
Russian title: Частные войны майора Бенсона
Original title: The private war of Major Benson
The private war of Major Benson
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Der private Krieg des Major Benson | Личная война майора Бенсона
Comedy – USA
Production year: 1955
Movie length: 105 minutes
(14 abgegebene Stimmen)
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: William Roberts, Richard Alan Simmons
Cinematograph: Harold Lipstein
Music: Joseph Gershenson
Movie description:
A Major noted for advancing with his mouth before thinking is given a choice: to be drummed out of the Army, or take command of and shape up the ROTC program at Sheridan Academy before it fails its next inspection. At Sheridan he encounters three hundred pre-teen cadets who range from rascally to adorable, and a female doctor who has just the right prescription for him.

A strict Army Major is reassigned to lead an ROTC program at school run by nuns. He ends up terrorizing the teen cadets with his harsh ways and eventually they try to complain to Washington about his behavior. Soon, the love for a woman warms his heart.
Boy actors
Tim Considine
(Cadet Sgt. Hibler, 15 years old)
Birthday: 31.12.1940

Age of the actor: approximately 14 years old
Sal Mineo
(Cadet Col. Sylvester Dusik)
Birthday: 10.01.1939

Age of the actor: approximately 16 years old
Steven Benson
Birthday: 30.11.1946

Age of the actor: approximately 8 years old
Tim Hovey
(Cadet Thomas Tiger Flaherty)
Birthday: 19.06.1945
Day of death: 09.09.1989
Age of the actor: approximately 10 years old
Mickey Little
(Cadet Lt. Hanratty)
Birthday: 08.11.1941

Age of the actor: approximately 13 years old
Gary Pagett
(Cadet Lt. Molony)
Birthday: 26.02.1941

Age of the actor: approximately 14 years old
Joey D. Vieira
(Cadet Cpl. Scawalski)
Birthday: 08.04.1944

Age of the actor: approximately 11 years old
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