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La mansión encantada
(The Haunted Mansion)
Alemania título: Die Geistervilla
Francés título: Le manoir hanté et les 999 fantômes
Griego título: Ο στοιχειωμένος Πύργος
Rusia título: Особняк с привидениями
Título original: The Haunted Mansion
La mansión encantada
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Дом с приколами | Disney’s The Haunted Mansion | La mansión embrujada | Le manoir hanté | O stoiheiomenos pyrgos | Ο Στοιχειωμενος Πυργος
Fantasykomödie – Estados Unidos de América
Año de producción: 2003
Duración: 99 minutos
(19 abgegebene Stimmen)
Dirección: Rob Minkoff
Guionista: David Berenbaum
Fotografía: Remi Adefarasin
Música: Mark Mancina
Original-Blu-Ray On the day of their anniversary, workaholic and real estate agent Jim Evers and his wife Sarah recieve a strange phone call from a man called Ramsley. He requests that Sarah come to the mysterious Gracey Manor. Jim decides to turn it into an opportunity to check out a possible gold-mine in real estate, but to please Sarah, he claims it is a family trip, bringing the kids along. Once there, Ramsley the butler insists that they stay, for a big storm is on the way. The Evers are introduced to Master Gracey, who seems strangely obsessed with Sarah. Jim goes off to talk to Gracey about selling, but ends up in a secret passage instead. The kids follow a floating ball to the attic, where they see a painting of a woman who looks just like Sarah! Jim and the kids eventually discover the mansion’s dark secret from Madame Leota, a talking head in a crystal ball. She tells them that Sarah is in danger and to save her, they must lead the ghosts to the light. After some spooky adventures and surprises, the family manages to save the manor and Sarah, all while learning a valuable lesson about togetherness.
Marc John Jefferies
(Michael Evers, 10 año)
Fecha de nacimiento: 16.05.1990

Edad del actor: sobre 13 año
Star Galaxy 
Más información
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