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(Mees Kees)
Titres allemands: Mister Twister – Wirbelsturm im Klassenzimmer
Titres russes: Классный Кеес
Titre d’original: Mees Kees
Mister Twister – Wirbelsturm im Klassenzimmer
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Teach! | Sub. Sam | Mr. Kees | Мес Кеес
Comédie pour les enfants – Les Pays-Bas
Année de production: 2012
Longueur de film: 81 minutes
(1 abgegebene Stimmen)
Réalisation: Barbara Bredero
Scénariste: Tijs van Marle, Mirjam Oldenhave
Image: Guido van Gennep
Musique: Herman Witkam
Description du film:
Based on the highly popular series of children books comes the cheerful film-comedy »Teach!« chronicling the funny misadventures of a young intern teacher at an elementary school.

The arrival of Sub. Sam, as the kids soon nickname him, couldn’t have come at a better time for Tobias. Because Tobias is pretty smart and cheerful and super funny, but Miss Sanne could never see it. She could just see his problems. And okay, his father may be d-e-a-d and his mother lies in bed all day, but he doesn’t want to think of that at school. And with Sub. Sam, he doesn’t have to ...

When Tobias’ teacher goes on maternity leave, Mister Kees replaces her. Mees Kees is a trainee who still has to learn a lot and pulls all sorts of crazy stunts to teach his class history or geography. From telling jokes to watching Spider-Man or standing on top of the desks; anything is possible. Owing to these hilarious lessons, Tobias manages to forget his sad home situation a little. The little boy prospers again, and the rest of the class thoroughly enjoys Mees Kees’ lessons too. But then the strict principal warns the young teacher to adhere to the books and fixed teaching methods. An inspector will soon come and see if he does. Will Mees Kees be able to remain his crazy, spontaneous self and teach strictly and according to the rules?
Acteurs de garçon
Felix Osinga
Anniversaire: 22.04.2002

L’âge de l’acteur: d’environ 10 ans
Brent Thomassen
Remon van Dijk
Rick Hakkaart
Frenck Hakkaart
Giorgio Sanches
Plus d’informations
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 Ce film est la ferraille!
 Les sont des garçon acteurs très gentil, sinon la ferraille!
 Les superbes garçon acteurs, au bout du divertissement gentil!
 Bon et bien l’aspect de jeu des garçon acteurs, une bonne action!
 Dans ce film/serie tout simplement vrai, les garçon acteurs, l’acte, tout!

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